DESIREE DELONG: Handcrafted Jewelry Designed and Made in Brooklyn, New York

Desiree DeLong in her studio

I find it much easier to draw a straight line with several strokes as opposed to one. I find balance through asymmetry and struggle with precision. My work is built out of faceted multiples and several personalities. Slowly adding and subtracting components until an object feels complete drives the organic nature of my work.

As a lifelong craftsman and self-taught artist, my approach to metalsmithing mirrors my approach to life; curiosity, experimentation, and foolishly throwing away the rulebook. 

No material is lost, no techniques are off limits. I’ve taken an ‘all you can eat’ approach to creating and have yet to be sated. Precious or worthless, hot pink hearts or 24k gold, I love it all and all of it has a place in my ever evolving body of work.